Our Board Of Trustees

Our Board of Trustees is composed of seven members from our community. They are charged with the responsibility of setting policies, reviewing and approving district finances and plans, providing insight to district needs, and revisiting the goals of the district and schools and revising action plans accordingly. In addition, our board members must keep informed of state and national legislation and regulation changes, and recent legal decisions that affect the operations of the district.

Our board holds monthly meetings at the District Office. They are normally scheduled for the second Thursday of every month at 7PM, and can only be rescheduled by a majority vote.

Ellis Evans
Board Member
Occupation: Director of Public Works – Turbeville

Dale McKenzie
Board Member
Occupation: Farmer

Jason Newsome
Board Chairman
Occupation: Manager, IGA

George Frierson
Board Vice-Chairman
Occupation: Textile Inspector

Norma Reardon
Board Member
Occupation: Disability and Special Needs Board

John Hardy
Board Member
Occupation: Business Owner

Ron Wingard
Board Member
Occupation: Post Master